Friday, April 27, 2012

Getting to Know the Vendors PART II: The Busy Bee, Ashley Marie Photography and Cody's Boutique

Let's get to know some of these fabulous vendors!  Read through and at the end there is a way to get an additional entry into the giveaway!  (and, tune in daily for more chances to get to know our awesome vendors and get more entries!)


So, remember when I mentioned yesterday that I have a little "swap" problem with other vendors...Well, I totally blame Ashley for this problem! ;)  Let's just say that her daughter Sara has a couple of pairs of HOOKED shoes...okay, who am I kidding...MORE than a couple:
And, this isn't even ALL of them...Just shipped a few more pairs a few weeks ago ;).  So love ya Ashley!  Sara is VERY well accessorized between her shoes and the AWESOME and amazing bows Ashley makes for her.  And, I'm pleased that Emma has sported quite a few bows of Ashley's as well!  We are especially digging our flip flops for sure! is a little bit about The Busy Bee from Ashley:
"I initially started The Busy Bee in 2010...  making bows for family and friends...  with high hopes to launch a successful business in the future.  BUT, my "baby in the making" was put on hold for some time for some baby making of our own.  Now she's HERE!  Breathtakingly beautiful...  absolutely PERFECT!  And definitely well accessorized ;) 
And after having 2 precious boys, I'd say she was just the inspiration I needed to get back on board!

I can remember making my own hair bows as a little girl.  We didn't have money for more than the bare necessities, and I was always so envious of my little friends.  Cute clothes...  bows in their hair and on their shoes.  I improvised ;)

Those days were stashed away in the back of my mind, until a dear friend of mine began making cute little clips and bows for her sweet little girl.  Then the memories quickly resurfaced.  I can remember thinking to myself, "Hmmmm...  wonder if I can still do it?"  A movie theater mishap and detour to Michael's later...  well, the rest is history!

The Busy Bee returned to existence in October of 2011 after I received a text message from a co-worker.  A sigh, pang of guilt, a honest "no, I don't make them anymore...  ," a LOT of thinking, and some words of encouragement later...  I was back!

I've met some amazing fellow mommy crafters along the way...  some of whom have become very dear friends.  Not to mention, the AMAZING fans I have acquired!  I am so incredibly blessed...  and I love each and every one of you dearly!"
And, cause I know you want to see the goods she has to offer!!!

I will be posting another  picture of those awesome yellow and black flip flops on the facebook page this weekend! (cause ya...that swapping/trade problem I have landed me those pieces of AWESOMENESS!)

It's such a small world sometimes!  Ashley signed up to test out my leather soled boots on her little girl in January (check out how cute she is in them!):
 Anyways....shortly after that a sweet friend of mine (also featured in my giveaway, with My Precious Angels) contacted me requesting the sweet turtle newborn photography prop (and some other goodies).  Since I was in need for some photos of the turtle we worked out a deal to get her a discount and I could get a few photos...Great!  Well, low and behold, her photographer was the Amazing Ashley Marie!  Such a crazy coincidence...we live in the same state, but about 4-5 hours away!  So, I got hooked up with some great photos and a friendship was formed between myself and Ashley...and I really love her (as I'm sure you realize since she has done some great photos for me!)  

Such as the sweet skirty
  and the turtle and others too of course!
And a little bit about Ashley in her own words:
"Photography has been both a hobby and a passion since I was in middle school.  I started out with my mother's film Canon SLR and I couldn't even tell you a model number!  I spent hours upon hours out sitting in the Blue Heron nesting grounds behind our house waiting patiently for the best shot I could get and stumbled upon an amazing baby white tailed deer for an awesome shot and each and everyone of these encounters grew my photography passion.  I took a break from it while I attended college for architectural engineering, but quickly picked it back up after graduating.  In December 2010 I formed Ashley Marie Photography...with lots of blood sweat and tears I've worked very hard over the last year to grow the business and gain friendships with awesome clients and amazing vendors like Kristen.  From newborn to wedding photos I do it all and I love each and every one of my sessions."

Check out some more awesome work by Ashley (yep, that is a HOOKED aviator hat you see as well!  She is so awesome!)

I came across Cody's Boutique with a random Etsy search last fall...I was looking for the perfect Husker get up for my little guy.  And, I found the Perfect Blackshirts style husker onesie and KNEW I had to have it.  She was great working with me to special order a black long sleeved onesie and I had the perfect hat and boots to complete the look!  So, when she FINALLY joined facebook ;) and asked to participate in the giveaway I was of course super EXCITED!  Here is a little bit about Cody in her own words:
"I love sewing and making new things. My crafting has evolved over the years and continually changing. You might notice that the items in my shop change periodically as I am always making new creations and I want to share them with you. It's a rewarding feeling to have finished products in my shop and to know that someone will love them as much as I do.
A lot of my stuff i sew on by hand. Doing this takes a lot of extra time but it gives it so much charcter and it brings it to life and i wouldn't do it any other way."
 Here is the picture of my little guy in his completed look!  Isn't he adorable?  I know, I know I am super biased, but he really is!  The Husker's crossbones shirt can be purchased through Cody and you can get the hat and boots from yours truly!  Love it!!!

And, because I know you want to see a few other awesome goodies from Cody, here you go!

Now that you have learned a bunch about these fabulous vendors....let's get you a chance to get another entry into this giveaway!  Reply to this blog post with your favorite item from each of the above 3 shops (it doesn't have to be an item pictured on into their facebook pages or etsy shops to really check all they have to offer out!) and then click the giveaway below to say you did the task at hand! :)

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  1. Thanks Kristen! =) Great post & I simply LOVE your hats, boots, and all the goodies!

  2. The Busy Bee... hey, that's ME! And I am totally lovin' that little model (hehe!). And thanks for helping me support my "habit." ;)

    Ashley Marie Photography... absolutely gorgeous pictures! LOVE the newborn pics - makes me wish my little people were that tiny again :(

    Cody's Boutique... L.O.V.E. "The Lady's <3 Me" shirt! I can totally see 2 handsome little dudes rockin' it :)

  3. I love Hooked by Kirsten! She made the most adorable ballerina slipper in black and hot pink! Plus a couple of hats for me and my son.

  4. The Busy Bee- I love love love love her bows! My daughter has some of them and they are adorable to say the least! We always get comments on them!

    ASHLEY MARIE PHOTOGRAPHY: She has an amazing talent! Those are beautiful baby pictures! Just wished I lived closer for when we finally have another baby!

    Cody's Boutique: Love the ladies love me shirt! Just wish I had a boy to wear it!

  5. The Busy Bee-I love the headbands that are featured on your Facebook page with the Tutus!

    Ashley Marie Photography-Absolutly gifted when it comes to photographing...especially the tiny babies :)

    Cody's Boutique-The boo boo bags are adorable! I also really like the '4th of July' shirt :)

  6. Busy Bee -- Well, my favorite stuff from Ashley is the stuff I've gotten from her :) I LOVED our bows to go with Bella's easter dress with the Maribou, still a hit and I'm still always looking for outfits to match them with :) And AWESOME customer service :)

    Ashley Marie Photography - LOVE the newborn pics and that cute little 8 month old in the sailor-ish outfit. SO CUTE!

    Cody's Boutique -- I am loving the Cubs Onesie, will definitely show hubby that one :)

  7. The Busy Bee made my little girls the CUTEST Easter daisies that matched their outfits perfectly! They were FOR SURE the cutest of the cuties in church. Yipee!

    1. Didn't get to finish yesterday!

      Ashley Marie Photography: LOVE the ruffled romper with crochet headband to match with pearly center. Makes me wish I did professional newborn pics of my girls...too late now :-(. Also wish I did maternity pictures now that last pregnancy is over. Great work!

      Cody's Boutique: I will be investing in the number shirts for birthday parties from now on! What a super cute idea!

    2. I absolutely love the Busy Bee flip flops and matching hair bow! The wrapped baby with the flower head band was my favorite from Ashley Marie Photography. Also, The "Ladies love me" shirt from Cody's Boutique was extremely adorable!!

  8. The Busy Bee- I love the second hair bow that is pictured! It is BEAUTIFUL!!

    Ashley Marie Photography.- I love all the work that is posted that you did. My favorite is the Maternity picture. I love how you captured how happy they are!

    Cody's Boutique- I like The Ladies Love me shirt! If I had a little boy I would totally get that for him!

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  10. I had to delete the previous comment, for some reason it didn't have my display name.

    The Busy Bee- I love all the bows, especially the pink flower with rhinestones. I'm really hoping for a girl just so I can get millions of bows!
    Ashley Marie Photography- I love the little naked newborn!
    Cody's Boutique- I love B-Man in his Huskers shirt, but maybe I'm partial too :)

  11. The Busy Bee
    I love Ashley. I feel like a celebrity. I'm the friend who was making little clips for my daughter. Ashley has an amazing talent and I am her biggest fan.

    Ashley Marie Photography
    I like how she got started waiting hrs for the best pic where the Blue Herons were. It's sweet to hear what sparks our talents.

    Cody's boutique
    Great shirts. You can tell she enjoys what she does, hand sewing each piece.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Busy Bee- I love her flip flops! those are adorable!

    Ashley Marie Photography- I love the little turtle baby :D sooo cute!
    Cody's Boutique- The red and black skull outfit is amazing! :D

  14. Busy Bee - Lovin' that first headband with the black,white, and pink flowers! Too cute!

    Ashley Marie Photography - How squishy is that little sweetie pie in the crocheted skirt and headband...very squishy! Love!

    Cody's Boutique - Thinking that "Ladies love Me" tee would look super cute on my little man!

  15. The Busy Bee - Love the blue, pink, and green bow!

    Ashley Marie Photography - Adorable photos...Especially the turtle prop one! Too cute!

    Cody's Boutique - Love the Husker's crossbones shirt! So adorable the model and shirt (LOVE the hat and boots to!!!!)

  16. Busy Bee - My fave is the first headband (black/white and pink)

    Ashley Marie - beautiful photos!

    Cody's boutique - So cute... I like the 'ladies love me' tee

  17. Busy Bee- love the yellow flip flops
    Ashley Marie- love the new born baby
    Cody's boutique- I like the "two" t-shirt

  18. Busy Bee -- The delicate pink flower headband is so pretty!
    Ashley Marie -- The "sweet skirty" photo makes me want another baby -- NOW! What a beautiful photo!
    Cody's Boutique -- The "TWO" shirt is way too cute (and so is the model)!

  19. The Busy Bee: I LOVE the Addison bottle cap bow with the zebra print ribbon and all the colors together!
    Ashley Marie Photography: The Groleau Family picture album! I love fall and I love the way this shoot turned out!
    Cody's Boutique: All my friends know I am a sucker for you had me with the Boo Boo owl bags!! Love them!