Sunday, April 29, 2012

Getting to Know the Vendors PART IV: Little Dino Knits, Adam's Blankie and Meanmomma Customs

Let's get to know some of these fabulous vendors!  Read through and at the end there is a way to get an additional entry into the giveaway!  (and, tune in daily for more chances to get to know our awesome vendors and get more entries!)


Another Amanda!  It seems if you are named Amanda, you are super talented.  I have known Amanda for about 3 1/2 years and she is such a sweet person.  I was so excited when she took her knit creations to the internet and started growing her business.  She makes adorable creations and I am SUPER jealous that she knows how to both crochet and KNIT!  I really REALLY want to learn how to knit!  I'm not so sure I am coordinated enough to do it, but if I ever get some free time (what is that??) I am determined to teach myself!  My favorite item that she makes are the little knit skirties!  Here is more about Amanda in her own words!
"I first started knitting when I was pregnant with my first son.  Just to pass the time before he got here and I was on maternity leave from work. It started out as just a fun thing to do. Then after some prodding and pushing from family and friends I opened up my Etsy shop. I am still pretty new at this an only in my first few months of having a shop open! I love making all the cute new things out there and love a challenge! "
And some of the goods (including that cute skirty I was talking about!)

Let's just say that I have been DROOLING over all things Adam's Blankie for a year now!  I participated in her HUGE Giveaway last summer and it was such a pleasure.  I'm also going to be working with her come August for an Auction to raise money for the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona.  Such a pleasure.  And, I'm pretty certain if Braxton would have been a girl last May I would have gone BROKE buying up all of those gorgeous Couture goodies.  Let's get to know Kari a little more!
"I am Mom to an amazingly sweet & caring 5 year-old son and rambunctious, fiesty 2 year-old daughter!  I started designing and creating gifts and accessories after I had my son and became thoroughly disappointed with the lack of chic and mod fabrics and styles available for children's products.  I wanted not only my newborn baby but also myself to be fashionable while toting around all the accessories that come with having a baby!!  And so, my love affair with fabrics and notions began! My son also LOVED and NEEDED his blankie for naps and bedtime, and alas, "adam's blankie" was born. 

It turns out, the name we had selected has more meaning than we ever imagined, and its "birth" does not end with Adam's love of blankies.  In 2008, we nearly lost our son in a drowning incident.  It was by God's grace and "blanket" {cover/protection} that enveloped our son that allowed him to be saved! 

"I will hide you in the crevice of the rock and COVER you with my hand." Ex. 33:22"
And, as an added SUPER bonus to all of my Awesome fans, Kari is offering 15% off to YOU (offer good for 14 days from TODAY, 4.29.12)  Just use the code HOOKED at checkout in her shop!

And some items for you to drool over!  (WARNING:  These pictures will make you want another baby!!!)  hehe


Jamie is a super talented artist as you can see!  Her business specializes in nearly everything custom designed, from face painting, to custom tiles to custom t-shirts.  And, I must say that I am super excited to see her custom family shirts.  SO cute!  You can brag about your whole family while featuring what your kids love the most on your shirt!  I hope you enjoy learning more about Jamie and seeing what she has to offer!
"I love God & Jesus Christ. I love my husband & my children. I am blessed to have such a wonderful set of parents & siblings. My husband, Justin, is my best friend. We finish each other's sentences and know what the other is thinking! We attend church at the First Pentecostal Holiness in Apache.

I love small towns and I love the country. I love going barefoot & watching the sunset! I love to go catfishing and hiking. I like to take time to relax and enjoy being with my family and friends.

I do what I love and love what I do."
 And a few samples of her custom work...but since it is all truly custom, your imagination is your only limit!

Now that you have learned a bunch about these fabulous vendors....let's get you a chance to get another entry into this giveaway!  FIRST Reply to this blog post with your favorite item from EACH of the above 3 shops (it doesn't have to be an item pictured on into their facebook pages or etsy shops to really check all they have to offer out!) and then click the giveaway below to say you did the task at hand! :)

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  1. Little Dino Knits... we all know I love some baby shoes ;)

    Adam's Blankie... what's not to LOVE??? Huge fan of her stitch art Couture line. Miss Sara will be rockin' one of those for sure!

    Meanmomma Customs... the etched glass block - A-mazing!

  2. Little Dino Knits - Lovin that hat...what beautiful colors!

    Adam's Blankie - Those bibs are looking mighty nice!

    Meanmomma Customs - That etched glass block is pretty fabulous!

  3. Little Dino Knits - I love the baby shoes with flower! The skirt is beautiful too!

    Adam's Blankie - Love, love the bibs! Especially the owl one!

    Meanmomma Customs - The etched glass block is simply beautiful! Would love one! I think the family tee is pretty awesome too :)

  4. Little Dino Knits- I love the diaper covers and sneakers, too cute.

    Adam's Blankie- I like the crayon rolls and owie bags, what great ideas!!

    Meanmomma Customs - I like the new family tee shirts and I know its not on her business page but the new custom helmets are such a great idea too!

  5. Little Dino Knits- I really like the skirts and the hat with the flower.

    Adam's Blankie-What don't I love!!!!

    Meanmomma Customs-I really like the monogramed tiles and the etched glass blocks

  6. Little Dino Knits - that first hat is so adorable! I especially love the colors.

    Adam's Blankie - The bibs are adorable!!!

    Meanmomma Customs - I really like etched glass block!

  7. The little pink shoes with the white flowers have got to be my favorite picture featured for Little Dino Knits. In the series of pictures by Adam's Blankie, I love the leaf headband on the little baby. And last, Mean Momma Customs (besides the name being amazing) has awesome etched glass blocks!

    Randi Van Eck

  8. Little Dino Knits: I love the zebra hat on her etsy page! Adorable!

    Adam's Blankie: I love her stroller blankets! They are adorable and I bet super soft!

    Meanmomma Customs: I love the custom tiles and the face painting! Amazing!

  9. Little Dino Knits - LOVE the baby shoes!

    Adam's Blankie - Everything is so delicate and wonderful, too hard to pick just one thing!

    Meanmomma customs - I like the stick family shirt

  10. little dino knits- love the shoes

    Adam's blankie- bibs, can't have enough of those

    Meanmomma customs- the family t-shirt

  11. Little Dino Knits - Red/cream shoes with flower!!!!
    Adam's Blankie - bibs, about the sweetest I've ever seen!
    Meanmomma Customs - family t-shirt (great idea!)