Saturday, April 28, 2012

Getting to Know the Vendors PART III: I Bloom, My Chloe Ann, Twinspirations and Annisseau

Let's get to know some of these fabulous vendors!  Read through and at the end there is a way to get an additional entry into the giveaway!  (and, tune in daily for more chances to get to know our awesome vendors and get more entries!)


Can I just say that I LOVE the connections that I make with my business.  I have made some great friends near and far, some I have never met but we all help each other out and I think that is just awesome!  Natalie with I Bloom contacted me around Valentines day and requested that I make this CUTE little ensemble for her little miss:
Soon after we became friends on facebook, she invited me to join a mommy's group AND I found out she has some AMAZING talent with flowers....You will see for yourself after we take a minute to meet Natalie!  Oh and did I mention that she is another VERY talented Lincoln, NE vendor!
"I Bloom. started simply enough with two friends with a shared passion for flowers and weddings. It grew slowly over 4 years and blossomed into a full on business doing wedding and event flowers for Lincoln and surrounding areas.  We can handle the biggest of weddings, rehursal dinners, baby and bridal showers, and parties of any kind.  "let us help you fill in the flowers" When you say "I do" to express your love, think " I Bloom." to express your style. I Bloom. will make your vision a reality. From funky and fresh to traditional and classic, your idea is our inspiration. We specialize in personalized service and design. For your event we will start from scratch to create a truly custom and memorable floral experience. Check out our portfolio or facebook for a taste of our past work, but keep in mind that your event will be truly yours. After all, "Everything we do is custom."'
And here are some of the absolutely stunning creations she has put together!

Stunning right?  I just wish I had known her before I got married!!!  LOVE it all!


Krista and I's littles are "about" the same age.  They were "May" babies...except for some reason her little one came in April...and mine was pushing the JUNE breaking point ;).  We recently found out that she has family in Council Bluff, IA, which is just right across the border from my home state of Nebraska!  Always a small world that is for sure!  Take a minute to get to know Krista!
"My name is Krista. I am a stay at home, work at home, mommy of 2. I love to craft and started a small business with hair accessories after much demand from family and friends. Four years later my little home business has expanded to more children's boutique items, but I still love creating new hair accessories!"
 And check out some of the cuteness she creates!


I met Tracy this past fall through LittleME 123.  She was having one of those AWESOME Giveaways we all love so much!  Nikki shared her link and of course when I checked her out I LOVED her work!  And, of course she is extra special because she too is from the Cornhusker did I not meet all of these amazing gals when I was still there???  Quickly I placed an order for a few football shirts, a QT pie shirt and the John Deere Tractor shirt...then came along Christmas time and I HAD to get some custom shirts for the kiddos...I tried to get a picture of them all together with my elf hats I made them, but to much avail, none of them turned out :(  Still bummed about that!  But, here is a little peak at my sweetie pie in her Penguin shirt (that Tracy was so kind to make custom for me!)
And, a little about Tracy in her own words:
"Being a mom of twins you hear things like, "are they twins?" and "are they identical?" and are forced rather frequently to clarify to people who is who.  Top that off with 2 children who have names that they will probably never stumble upon on any personalized memorbilia (they may later kick us for that) and my dream started.  In 2010 I took my crafting skills a step further and played and perfected a way to make custom personalized shirts for my girls.  They were a hit with my girls and a lot of my friends so I took it a step further and decided to share my love of crafting and personalized wear to my Etsy shop, inspired by my girls, Twinspirations was born.  Every item in my shop is hand stitched, it really helps designs "pop" and adds security and durability of the items but more importantly is my way of adding an extra touch of love to my pieces.  It's been a little over 2 years now, and I am loving every minute of it.  I have also been accepting custom requests, which has brought a lot of challenge and excitement to my shop, I love working with my customers to create the piece they have been envisioning and hear of the joy the pieces bring.  From tractors to rockets to penguins with bows on their head, some of my custom orders are the most fun, challenging and rewarding pieces my shop has put out.  Onesies (short sleeve and long), layettes, baby beanies, hair bows, giftsets and toddler tees, all carried in stock and all can be customized with your child's name or favorite design."
 And, the GOODS:

You might recognize that last cutie from above (VDAY ensemble) and from Nellie Smith Photography's writeup the other day!)


I had the pleasure of being introduced to a LOCAL friend of mine this last fall.  It has been such a JOY to watch Amanda's business blossom and she has been incredibly kind and welcoming to me.  A TRUE friend that I am incredibly blessed to have met and gotten to know.  I must say I am pretty excited about our move in a few weeks because Amanda has family in the town we will be living in and I cannot WAIT for many play dates.  She has promised me to teach me how to use my sewing machine without FEAR in my eyes.  I think we will have many crafting days ahead of us!  Besides being an AWESOME friend and person, Amanda is INCREDIBLY talented.  I'm not so sure there is anything that she doesn't know how to make craft wise...and I am so envious!  Here is a little bit about Amanda in her own words:
"Hello my name is Amanda. I am the owner of Annisseau, a mother of 3 amazing children Annabelle (6 ½), Marissa (5), and Beau (2).  The name of my shop comes from 3 letters in each of my kids names.  They are the reason I started this business about a year ago.  My wonderful husband of almost 10 years has allowed me to be a stay at home mom.  For six years, I have been searching for a career path that I could do from home, having tried it ALL, I finally discovered my career was right here all along!

I have been sewing since I was 5, beginning with doll blankets, then trying clothes for my dolls, graduating to making my own prom dress in high school, and reconstructing dresses from the clearance racks.  Then, my largest project to date 10 years ago making my wedding dress.  I had an absolute blast designing my dress and veil.  My children came and I have been doing lots of different things for them.  I also quilt, crochet, and when in the mood I will knit.

Recently, my Handbags have been a hit, each of them are one of a kind. I also really enjoy making childrens items. My latest favorite being the pinafore.  Custom sewing is my business motto, no large quantities of the same item.  I can do it all, so if you are in need of custom sewing, contact me!"
And the awesome pinafore and one of my favorite handbags she makes!

Now that you have learned a bunch about these fabulous vendors....let's get you a chance to get another entry into this giveaway!  FIRST Reply to this blog post with your favorite item from EACH of the above 4 shops (it doesn't have to be an item pictured on into their facebook pages or etsy shops to really check all they have to offer out!) and then click the giveaway below to say you did the task at hand! :)

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  1. I Bloom- I love the purple bouquet

    My Chloe Ann- The feather headband is adorable!

    Twinspirations- LOVE THE JOHN DEER!

    Annisseau- I like them both! haha dont make me choose!

  2. I Bloom... Love the flowers on the wedding cake, and the bouquets are gorgeous!
    My Chloe Ann... Beautiful feather headband. Love the colors and great detail!
    Twinspirations... one of my favorite fellow mommy crafters, and a very dear friend! All 3 of my children have sported her handiwork - and we definitely LOVE!
    Annisseau... another one of my newest friends from afar! Very talented, and we <3 our PEEP ensemble ;)

  3. I Bloom-Everything is beautiful! I especially like the bouquets with gerber daisys in them!

    My Chole Ann- I love the satin flower headbands!

    Twinspirations-Everything is super cute! I can't pick a favorite!

    Annisseau-I like the bag in the profile picture.

  4. I Bloom. I love everything, cause I did it LOL!
    My Chloe ann- wonderful couture headpieces, need to pick a fav to order!
    Twinspirations- loving the john deere, need someone to get it for :)
    Annisseau- that ruffle dress is just too much!

  5. I Bloom: The purple bouquet is what I pictured for my wedding-love those deep purple callas!

    My Chloe Ann-that feather roaring 20s headpiece is amazing!

    Twinspirations: I adore the Mickey/Minnie Mouse ears with letters/numbers. We are off to Disneyworld tomorrow and I am kicking myself I didn't order them when they were so 'hot' a few months ago. Now the trip is here and I don't have them...rats!

    Annisseau: LOVING the new pinafore. I also NEED one of those owl bags!

    1. Oooh, have fun at Disney! You go on some awesome vacations! :D

  6. I Bloom - I couldn't blow the pic up all the way but there is a pic of what looks like the cutest heart shaped floral arrangement in that brides hair...melt!

    My Chloe Ann - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that second pic with the purple/orange feather headband...OMG!!!

    Twinspirations -- That 1 onesie is ubber cute!

    Annisseau - Love that bag!

  7. I Bloom: I really like the bouquet of roses (reds and oranges)
    My Chloe ann: The crib shoes are darling.
    Twinspirations: My favorite is the plaid dino. And the dolphin. And the boat. And the stegosaurus. And the whale. And the turtle. And the Saturn. And the rocket. Oh dear. I shop here a lot.
    Annisseau: If I had a girl, I would buy that ruffled dress. It is too adorable.

  8. I Bloom: I used to work in a floral shop, so I'm super picky, but I love all their designs. I really like the headpiece with the peony.

    My Chloe Ann: I love Miss. Chloe in her tutu and bow, what cute 'May' babies we all have :)

    Twinspirations: I've been addicted her facebook page and am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with the layettes, I can't wait to order one!

    Annisseau: I like all the bags, I may need to hint to hubby that it's been awhile since I've had a new bag. Plus I saw a cute Dr. Seuss onesie on her page too!

  9. I Bloom - The purple bouquet is just beautiful!

    My Chloe Ann - Love the first pink bow! Beautiful!

    Twinspirations - The ladybug onesie/tee is adorable! Would look cute on my little girl :)

    Annisseau - Love the handbag with the blue/white stripe and matching coin purse/wallet!

  10. I Bloom - the flowers are amazing!!! Love the purple
    My Chloe Ann - LOVE the tutu & bow
    Twinspiration - the layettes are wonderful!!!
    Annisseau - A momma can never have too many bags ;) hehe - no matter style/color

  11. I Bloom- I can't choose just one! I love them all! :)

    My Chole Ann- I love the bow in the last picture. Too cute!

    Twinspirations- I love that little ladybug!! Super cute!

    Annisseau- I am loving that bag!!!!

  12. I Bloom has amazing flower arrangements! It is hard to pick just one picture but I will have to say that the purple ones are my favorite. My Chole Ann has the cutest little bows but the last one with the pink and what looks like rhinestones is my favorite. Twinspirations' creations are very creative but I love the lady bug design! Annisseau made an extremely awesome bag that was brown with a blue bow.

    Randi Van Eck

  13. I Bloom: On her website there is a bouquet that is really fluorescent flowers and uses a twine rope at the stems. Amazing! I love it!

    My Chloe Ann: I love the feather headband from above, but her pinwheel bows look amazing!

    Twinspirations: The rocket onesie is my favorite! Now if only I had a bow :(

    Annisseau: She has amazing bags, but I love the ruffle dress! Too cute!

  14. I Bloom - So pretty! The wedding cake is gorgeous.

    My Chloe ann - the feather headband is great!

    twinspiations - these are SO cute. I can think of so many ideas that a custom shirt like this would look great on my little ones. The Johns Deere is wonderful!

    Annisseau - I love the bags!

  15. I Bloom - one of my favorites is the dimond dripping trees, these girls are amazing- I've used them in the past and have never been disappointed- so creative and such wonderful products! Love love love!

    My Chole Ann- the light pink baby band is ADORABLE!

    Twinspirations- the Pink John Deer tee is just to stinkin' cute!! Can't wait to find out what the babies coming into my family ( and friends' families) will be so I can start ordering!

    Annisseau- The handbags are super cute!

  16. I bloom- the wedding cake flowers
    My Chloe Ann- The pink bow on the baby
    Twinspirations- Ladybug shirt
    Annisseau- I like the gray purse

  17. I Bloom - Adore the purple bridal arrangement!
    My Chloe Ann - She has an aqua flower head band on her FB page that is so sweet.
    Twinspirations - The name shirts (Henry). Super idea for bday gifts!
    Annisseau - Love most of it. The jumpers are adorable!

  18. IBloom: The multicolored bridal party pic! I love that pic with all the colors and I love the bouquets!!!
    My Chloe Ann: The hot pink and black zebra crib shoes!
    Twinspirations: The zombie boy shirt! It was still cute! ;)
    Annisseau: The owl purses! I love those! I want one for my 10 yr old so I can snatch it! lol