Monday, April 30, 2012

Getting to Know the Vendors PART V: Kroger Kreations, This Pretty,

Let's get to know some of these fabulous vendors!  Read through and at the end there is a way to get an additional entry into the giveaway!  (and, tune in daily for more chances to get to know our awesome vendors and get more entries!)


Jess is another one of those awesome mommy crafters that I discovered after starting my business.  And, it is another one of those situations where I got to reap the benefits of trading some goods!  I am getting an awesome Hungry Caterpillar custom banner for my little guy's birthday party and her girls got some pretty cute HOOKED gear too, if I do say so myself!  Here is her little miss cheesing it up for the camera in her owl hat!

I have also grown to discover that we have a LOT of friends of friends and we have become friends ourselves on facebook.  Jess recently welcomed a new addition to their family and their new little miss is just as sweet as her first little princess!  She is such a sweet lady and I am super bummed that I missed out on meeting her while I still lived in Nebraska (yep another awesome Lincoln, NE vendor!).  Maybe I willg et a chance to meet her in person this summer when I am back for my visit!  Meet Jess and her business!
"Kroger Kreations - Paper Products with Personality. Providing handmade paper products for all occasions! Each item is handcrafted for a unique look that you cannot find in a regular party store."

Kroger Kreations started with the inspiration of my daughters first birthday party. I wanted something different and unique from the regular birthday parties (as far as decorations went). I have been a huge scrapbooker for years, and already owned all the equipment I needed to get started. I made banners, cupcake toppers, garland, paper tissue flowers, party hats, door signs, favor tags, and so much more, all fitting the theme of her bedroom - owls. It was a huge hit, to say the least! After going all out for Hazel's big day, I decided that it was so much fun for me that I should start up a home business. It seemed fitting to be able to work from home. I didn't think that I would get so much business so fast, but it was amazing :) I started out just making birthday decorations, but now range from birthday to weddings to showers and more. I am always up for a new challenge, and love trying out new ideas. Thanks Kristen, for hosting
such an awesome giveaway!"
And check out some of these banners!


I found Mandy on Etsy....another one of my searches for Husker gear for my kiddos!  Trust me for some reason I can't just walk into a store in Wisconsin and buy cute Husker stuff.  What gives? :D  I had her make some adorable custom pieces for a little photo shoot we did (she made the two white shirts and the red one is from Twinspirations)
Does this give me away as having a problem shopping on Etsy???  This was my favorite picture of my daughter in a This Pretty Shirt and tube socks...all Huskered out!

Oh, my awkward Emma!  Love her uneven tube leg warmers.  The craziest part about this connection with Mandy?  I found her searching for Husker gear...and low and behold she lives in Wisconsin, like me!  It seems she has smart family that dig the Huskers ;)  Here is a little more about Mandy:
"I started creating childrens clothes for my own two crazy kiddos, and after a lot of encouragement from friends and family, opened up my Etsy shop.  It has been a wonderful creative outlet for me, and keeps me even busier than I was as a working mother of two.  My shirts are inspired by my own kids, and designed to last through every adventure they have.   Believe me, we are usually covered in mud and markers, and our shirts have usually been stained and washed a hundred times before we are done wearing them!   As a sports fan at heart, my Varsity Collection of team shirts are the most fun to create.  I end up loving each one, even my biggest rivalries!"
And some cuteness!

Now that you have learned a bunch about these fabulous vendors....let's get you a chance to get another entry into this giveaway!  FIRST Reply to this blog post with your favorite item from EACH of the above 2 shops (it doesn't have to be an item pictured on into their facebook pages or etsy shops to really check all they have to offer out!) and then click the giveaway below to say you did the task at hand! :)

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  1. Kroger Kreations ~ love the name on the highchair for a great 1st bday pic!

    This Pretty ~ Definitely those tie tshirts are my favs!

  2. I absolutely love the birthday banners from Kroger Kreations! As soon as I get a color scheme figured out for my diva daughter's birthday, she will be my first stop!

    Also, this pretty's matching easter shirts are ADORABLE!

    Randi Van Eck

  3. Kroger Kreations... loving the birthday banners! Our sweet girl will be ONE in Sept., so I'm sure I'll be turning to you for some CUTEness! :)

    This Pretty... LOVE everything Mandy makes. Sara rocked her NY Giants necklace onesie and tube socks for the Superbowl... such a hit!

  4. Kroger Kreations: I love the big sister banner! I want one when we finally have another baby!

    This Pretty: I love the Minnie Mouse Pink 2nd Birthday shirt! Can't wait for my daughters 3rd birthday to get a shirt!

  5. Kroger Kreations- I love the Photo banners for 1st birthdays, I wish I had some of that talent!

    This Pretty- I really like the tie onesies and t-shirts, it's so hard to find cute custom clothes for little boys.

  6. Kroger Kreations-I love all the banners! Such a great idea for birthday parties. I also think the wedding ones are adorable.

    This Pretty-they are all so cute! I for sure love the Husker gear! I also really think the tie shirts are adorable.

  7. Kroger Kreations - Birthday banners - awesome!

    This Pretty - I can't decide if I like the necklace shirts or tie shirts better both are adorable.

  8. Kroger Kreations: The big sister banner is adorable. If I have another child I will most defiantly be getting one of those :)

    This Pretty: Your work is adorable! I can't choose a specific one!

  9. Kroger Kreations- love the big sister plaid banner

    This Pretty- Love the green tutu and shirt

  10. Kroger Kreations - love the "big sister" banner! Great colors!
    This Pretty - The "1" shirt on the girl with the red skirt is super sweet.