Thursday, April 26, 2012

Getting to know the Vendors Part I: Nellie Smith Photography, Rachel's Simple Sweets, Little Me 123 and Maddie B Designs

Let's get to know some of these fabulous vendors!  Read through and at the end there is a way to get an additional entry into the giveaway!  (and, tune in daily for more chances to get to know our awesome vendors and get more entries!)

As some of you know, I am originally from Nebraska, so it is only natural that I have a few fabulous vendor friends that reside in the "good life" state, so I would LOVE to feature these awesome ladies together!  There are a couple others from the area, but I will start with these.  Through my business I have met some great women that I never knew before and feel that we have formed friendships, which I think is awesome!  We support and promote each other and I think it works fabulously.  Now to give you the chance to find out how awesome they all are!


Obviously, the owner of this show is Nellie :).  I had a fabulous customer a little while back that introduced me to Nellie through the fabulous facebook.  I love seeing pictures of all of the littles of is a little something from Nellie,
"I fell in love with photography in school, and growing up I always had a camera in hand.  I worked with a well know photographer here in Lincoln, David Dale Photography for 6 years as his assistant.  I learned so much by working with him, and I started my own studio 6 years ago.  I photograph Weddings, Families, Seniors, Children, Babies and Bellies.  I love photographing children especially, I enjoy making them laugh.  I think it is important to make my clients feel comfortable in front of the camera and to be themselves.  I love when my clients become more then customers, they become family."
And some snippets from her awesome work!


I just met Rachel through facebook right before the giveaway, but I can tell she is awesome already!  She asked to participate and of course I thought it would be awesome to have another Nebraskan involved.  And then I saw she makes allergen friendly SWEETS and my tooth was aching for some goodies (I will be hitting you up when I visit Nebraska this summer!).  Enough about my sweet tooth, is what Rachel has to offer:
"In my etsy shop I specialize in handmade children's clothing, accessories & embroidery.  I also make allergen friendly and traditional baked goods."
And a view at some more of what Rachel has to offer!


I found the amazingly talented Nikki this last holiday season as I was browsing for the perfect Chistmas gift for my Nebraskan family.  A quick Etsy search of HUSKERS brought up a  LOT of great vendors, but I was particularly drawn to her block letter photography.  I then saw a friend of mine share her facebook giveaway and was excited to know I was mutually connected to this fabulous artisan.  I joined her facebook page and was THRILLED when she contacted me and asked if I wanted to do a trade.  I LOVE trades...I get hooked up with awesome stuff without spending money, which also makes my husband happy (more on my guilty trades in PART II of the vendors, lol).  Anyways, enough of me blabbing on, here is a little bit about nikki 

"I'm a wife, a mother of two boys, and also work part-time as an RN on a pediatric unit.  I also love to create stuff.  I've always enjoyed playing games that involve words and things to have to do with letters.  I also really enjoy taking photos, and doing most types of crafts.   I'd started an alphabet photo stash a few years back, but didn't complete it (probably because of my boy's ages at the time).  Then in early 2011, I decided to move on with it, complete the alphabet, and see where it took me.  My LOVE Letters Alphabet now consists of around 275 letters options and is always growing.  My LOVE Letters Alphabet Photography are photos of things found in the house, in the back yard, in the city, and in the country.  My main focus is making custom word and name signs out my LOVE Letters and putting them on painted wood.  The customer chooses which letter options they want for their name or word, the color of the wood, and whether it will read horizontally or vertically.   The finished product is a one-of-a-kind custom work of art, that makes great gifts for weddings, birthdays, Christmas and more.  The best part about it is that I get to do a lot of the things I really enjoy, all at the same time: photography, words, working with wood, and painting.  It's also been really fun being able to communicate with people and work together to get them exactly what they're looking for!  That's the best part!"
And, cause I know you are anxious to see what all she can do, here are a few more pieces of her work!

And, of course you need to see the swap we did! (I know, I know...I didn't get the Huskers...but I WILL be getting myself one for our new house!)


This last vendor from Lincoln, NE takes me way back...way way back to High School :D.  I have known Megan for quite some time.  Her sister and I were friends growing up in school.  I didn't necessarily know Megan that much back then.  But one day I walk into a mom's group with my newborn baby boy and took a double take...there was someone I actually knew there!  And, she had a sweet little boy about 6 months older than my little man.  It was so fun to reconnect.  She started her own awesome business and she does some fabulous work.  Here is a little more about Megan!
"Maddie B Designs is committed to designing one-of-a-kind special occasion stationery! Whether it's a new baby, 1st birthday, wedding, anniversary, you name it, I'm here to help you share YOUR style with everyone!  My process is a little different - I don't have any predesigned pieces to choose from...each client is unique, so I believe their individual design should be unique too.  We collaborate together and I create every design from scratch. Maddie B Designs also offers business image development, including logo design and marketing materials.  I am so excited to share your special occasion with you!"
And the goods!

Now that you have learned a bunch about these fabulous vendors....let's get you a chance to get another entry into this giveaway!  Reply to this blog post with your favorite item from each of the above 4 shops and then click the giveaway below to say you did the task at hand! :)

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  1. Nellie Smith Photography- love love the tutu picture!

    Rachel's Simple Sweets- Little Hurricane is a cute nickname!!

    Little Me 123- love the idea of getting your state ((Nebraska)) but I'd be interested in seeing it say North Carolina

    Maddie B Designs- I am a sucker of owls! Love the birth announcement!

  2. I love the first pic! Nellie is taking our family pics next week, can't wait!

    That apron is so clever!

    I love the Nebraska sign the best!

    The snowflake card is my fav!

    This was a fun way to learn about these vendors & their products!

  3. Nellie Smith Photography - you know I'm a sucker for anything involving our tiny population ;) She does an amazing job capturing some super sweet moments in time!

    Rachel's Simple Sweets - allergen free sweets? Rock on!

    Little Me 123 - totally in LOVE with her love letters! There is a reason her item is favorited on my etsy ;)

    Maddie B Designs - there just may be some photo cards or invitations in our future! I, too, love the owls! But you know thin :)

  4. Nellie Smith Photography -- Sweet girl in the tutu and leggings! ADORABLE!

    Rachel's Simple Sweets -- Love the Kitchen Aid apron for my littles!

    Little Me 123 -- the "LOVE" letters!!

    Maddie B Designs -- The owl announcement is way too cute!

  5. Nellie Smith Photography- Nellie has done an amazing job on my nephew's and my friend's daughter photos!

    Rachel's Simble Sweets- The Tutu purses are ADORABLE!

    Little Me 123- I have been wanting one of these for a long time! They look great!

    Maddie B designs- all the holliday greeting cards are cute! I can't pick a favorite!

  6. Nellie Smith Photography - wonderful capturing of those sweet little babies!

    Rachel's Simple Sweets - That cupcake is pretty stinkin' cool!

    Maddie B Designs - Loving that birth announcement!

  7. Nellie Smith Photography- loveing the last picture of all the different baby pics

    Rachel's Simple Sweets- love the custom embroidered t shirts :D

    Maddie B Designs-Love the calender! :D

    Little Me 123- I have one of these for my daughter and I know it isnt up here but i love it the best :p (if have to choose these ones I would say the "LOVE" one)

  8. Nellie Smith Photography - The tutu pic, so awesome! and the baby pictures... I could totally see doing this for my little guy through out his first year.

    Rachel's Simple Sweet - My daughter would love the tutu purse that is a part of the giveaway.

    Little Me 123 - I liked them so much I already ordered one for myself!

    Maddie B Designs - love the snowflake card.

  9. Nellie Smith Photography- I love the tutu picture, but the one underneath captures me! I love it!

    Rachel's Simple Sweets- Love the little hurricane shirt- We always joke that our daughter is our littler tornado!

    Little Me 123- Love the way she uses everyday forms to make words that are beautiful!

    Maddie B Designs- The snowflake card is amazing!

  10. I love it all :)

    Nellie B Smith - You take gorgeous pictures! I just loves those little twin girls on your page, they are so cute! And the tutu pic is awesome!

    Rachel's Simple Sweets -- I could really go for one of your daisy cupcakes about now, they look yummy!

    Little Me 123 - I really really like the flag photographs on your page, those are amazing.

    Maddie B Designs -- LOVE the calendar's, I'll be checking those out again!

    1. Nellie B Smith: Any photo of a child/baby in anything from {Hooked} melts my heart!

      Rachel's Simple Sweets: Springy cupcakes!

      LIttle me 123: Not sure if she makes these but a last name frame with hooks for keys would be a fantastic addition to my entryway!

      Maddie B Designs: love the contemporary invites.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Had to delete the previous comment. I forgot one of the vendors. I am so sorry.

    Nellie Smith Photography- I adore the tutu picture! I haven't seen anything like that before! So creatie

    Rachel's Simple Sweets- I love that cupcake! It looks so yummy! I also like the apron, both of my girls would love those, they just love helping mommy in the kitchen!

    Little Me 123- Wow, amazing work!! I will most definitely be checking you out!

    Maddie B Designs- I adore the happy holidays picture you did. I like how the children are in the center of the snowflake.

  13. Nellie Smith Photography- I'm in love with the tutu picture, I love even though you can't see the little girl's face you can still see her personality!
    Rachel's Simple Sweets- I love the apron, cooking is such an important tradition for me, I can still close my eyes and smell and feel my grandma's apron.
    Little Me 123- I love the 'Love' sign and like the name signs too, great idea!!
    Maddie B Designs- I like the holiday cards, the snowflake cutouts with the kids are too cute!

  14. Nellie Smith Photography - That first pic is soooo stinkin' cute! I melt for that headband!

    Rachel's Simple Sweets - That cupcake looks mighty delish! What can I say I am a preggo with a sweet tooth!

    Little ME 123 - Love that Bergman sign!

    Maddie B Designs - Love the birth announcement!

  15. Nellie Smith Photography - Absolutely love the photo of the little ballerina in tutu/legwarmers!

    Rachel's Simple Sweets - Love the apron! Cute idea :)

    Little Me 123 - Adore the "love" sign!

    Maddie B. Designs - Love your name (My youngest is Maddie!) :) The birth announcement is so sweet!

  16. Nellie Smith Photography- the tutu and leggings shot

    Rachel's Simple Sweets- the easter egg cupcake

    Little Me 123- the love picture

    Maddie B Designs- Pictures in the snow flakes of the one card

    Randi Van Eck

  17. Nellie Smith Photography- the baby collage
    Rachel's simple sweets- the cupcake
    Little Me 123- the last name picture
    Maddie B Designs- the snowflake picture

  18. Maddie B Designs: I love Kirsten's graduation announcement but I am also in love with Boede's birth announcement because Nellie Smith's Photography is awesome! I love photography but that is NOT my gift! LOL You do have a gift! I love the picture of the twins in the chair crying!!! Every time I try to take a picture of my almost one year old, this is what she does!!! I LOVE owls!!! and He is a cutie!
    Rachel's Simple Sweets has an awesome owl item I love too! The tutu owl purse is sweet!
    Little Me 123, I love your love letters, but I am jonesing for your piano bench with the bird that you made!!! LOVE IT!